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Send A Free Fax Online To Anyone In US Or Canada With FaxZero

Do you want to send a fax to someone living in US or Canada for free? Or do you want to send a document online instead of printing it and then sending it via fax machine? It is possible to send a free fax online even if you don’t have a Fax machine(but you will need a fax number). The one service I prefer to use is FaxZero. It is simple, fast and needs no registration at all.

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Since the service is free, it will have a few restrictions as well. As a free user you can send only 2 fax per day, the other restriction is that you can only send a document with a maximum of 3 pages of content. Not to forget that with every fax send, a small portion of the fax paper will have an advertisement as well.

If you are a business user and want to send an unlimited number fax with more than 3 pages of content and with no ads, then ten you will have to pay $1.99 per fax. Which is quite a fair price considering that you are sending a fax online.

Under Sender Information enter your name, company name, fax number and email address. Under Receiver Information enter receivers name, his/her company name and his/her fax number.

send fax with faxzero

Under Fax Information, browse the document(file should be under 10MB in size and only .doc and .pdf formats are supported) that you want to send. If you don’t have any document to send, then you can enter your custom message in the text box. Enter the confirmation code and click Send Free Fax Now button under Free Fax option.

fax information

That’s it. And you fax will be send to the destination(fax number you entered) within seconds. If the number is busy, then FaxZero will try to send again 5 times, and send you an email once the fax reaches the destination. It is a short handy tool to send quick fax to family, friends or co-workers.

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  1. GotFreeFax.com is another website that lets user send free fax online to the US and Canada. No Ads added to fax. No need to signup or login. User can either enter rich text or upload a PDF/Word file to fax. Free service has a limit of 3 pages per fax and 2 faxes per day.

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