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Set a Font Size For The Websites You Visit In Chrome With Minimum Font

Ever had the problem of viewing webpages that had small text that you couldn’t read? Minimum Font is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to select a font size when viewing web pages without enlarging the whole page. Yes, this is the best alternative to ‘Ctrl + Mouse Wheel’ method because it enlarges the text without touching anything else.

Minimum Font automatically displays an icon on the browser bar when it can change the font size of a website. Simply clicking on the icon enables the pre-defined minimum font for that web page to take effect. To disable Minimum Font for a website, just click on the icon again which will turn the red arrow to grey, hence disabling the extension for that particular website. The highlighted red arrow represents that Minimum Font is enabled for the current website.

Minnimum Font

By right clicking on the icon you can go to options for setting your font size options. You can also select a time frame after which you would like to see the website in you selected font size. For example, you can set a delay of 10 seconds before the font size is enlarged or reduced to your set size limit.


Observe the two samples extracted from the Addictive Tips website. The first image is the default font size, whereas the second image is the enlarged font.Default Font Size

The Enlarged font clearly depict a wider width along with larger fonts. Making such small adjustment to enlarge or reduce the size of text on a website can help people suffering from short and long sightedness.

Enlarged Font Size

Many elderly people have viewing problems which can make visibility even difficult with the help of contact lenses and glasses. Any general enlargement for magnification purposes within a browser can lead to distorted page views and blurred text. This extension can help resolve this problem to make text easier to read on websites. Minimum Font is quite a simple extension and provides changes merely related to the text of a website, if you wish to enhance or cut down on the look of a page you might be interested in trying out Stylebot, which we reviewed a few weeks earlier.

Install Minimum Font Extension for Google Chrome

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