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Set Notifications For Important Dates And Events [Firefox Addon]

ReminderFox is an add-on for Firefox. You can use this tool to create and manage reminder lists and to do’s. It can also help you remember all important dates and events by creating simple lists of reminders. It lets user to set alarms and alerts for important notifications.

The add-on can be accessed from the bottom right corner of your Firefox browser. You can view all important notifications and reminders just by pointing your mouse icon at the add-on. Click the icon to launch the ReminderFox window. The calendar on the right of the window highlights any important upcoming dates. Hover your mouse cursor on top of any date to view the reminder.

reminder fox

Click Add Reminder to create and manage new reminder list. Add a description for the new reminder. Also, assign a start and end date for this reminder. Depending on the urgency of the reminder, you can set an alarm for it. You can also assign any category to the reminder. If the reminder is location or URL-specific, you can also specify the location/URL for reminder from More options.

reminderfox 3

We found it to be a very effective add-on that can help you keep track of all important events by setting reminders. Rather than having to install a separate application that performs these tasks, you should give this free add-on a shot.

It supports Firefox version 1.0 and above.

Download ReminderFox

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