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Set Tab Bar Vertically And Organize Tabs In Groups With Vertical Tabs [Firefox 4]

Managing a lot of opened tabs is always a headache, especially when you are doing a research work which requires sifting through multiple windows to gather information. Vertical Tabs is an extension for Firefox 4 which organizes opened tabs into multiple defined groups and saves a lot of vertical space by moving the tab bar to left side of the window. Primarily, it’s designed to get more vertical space, but since it’s an ability to place opened tabs into groups, you can easily navigate through tabs which belong to one specific group.

It comes with no configurations nor it enforces users to specify groups. After the extension is installed, it will move all the opened tabs to left sidebar. You can add a new tab either by using Ctrl+T hotkey combination or clicking cross-imaged sign present at the bottom of the left sidebar. Alongside new tab button, you have options to List all tabs, Group tabs, and Group only selected tabs.

Wikipedia 2

It allows adding new groups on the fly. Just right-click a tab which you wish to place in a new group, and select New Group from Move to Group menu.

new group

You will see all the created groups in a separate window. You can drag all relevant tabs to newly created group window, remove tabs from group by clicking the cross mark, and un-group any tab by throwing it to background area.

group 3

To list down all the tabs contained in one group, click the expandable to view all the relevant tabs. The screenshot shown below displaying all the relevant tabs contained in group – Google.


Vertical Tabs greatly helps user in organizing multitude of opened tabs. Since it is going through experimental stages, you might run on some bugs and glitches. It works on Firefox 4.0b7 – 4.0.*

Vertical Tabs Extension for Firefox 4

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