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Share And ByPass Restricted MegaVideo Videos With Sheepser

Sheepser is a video streaming web service which allows you to watch restricted videos instantly without limitation. The supported websites include Megavideo, VideoBB & VideoZer. Sheepser not only allows by passing 72 minute MegaVideo restrictions, but also provides mirror links for it’s numerous servers on which the specific video is hosted. This can be quite convenient for using alternative servers in case the current server is down. Moreover, it provides an embed code to allow users to embed the unrestricted video to their websites.

Using Sheepser is quite easy, just copy a MegaVideo URL and paste it in the available URL box. Click Submit to watch the video unrestricted on Sheepser servers.


The video will be played free of any imposed restrictions and you get the option to switch servers for viewing the video, via the alternative server links on the right sidebar. These can be used if the video is streaming slow or if the server is down. You can also use the embed code and URL given below the alternative server names for sharing the video.


If you would like to check our an extension for Chrome and Firefox, which allows bypassing MegaVideo, MegaUpload and Veoh restrictions, check out illimitux.

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  1. It seems to me that there is something wrong with Sheepser in the past few days.  It does not play the videos anymore.  Or if it does, it takes to long to start the video.  Would you know what is happening?

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