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Share One-Time Private Messages With DUE.IM [Web]

DUE.IM is a secure text message service that you can use to send one-time readable private messages to others. When we send private information, such as passwords or sensitive links to someone via email or chat, the messages are saved, but with DUE.IM, the information can only be viewed once, which decreases the chances of the info falling into the wrong hands. All you have to do is enter your message, password, number or a private link, and the service will instantly generate a unique URL that you can share with others. The message can be only read once, so the next time they visit the same URL or refresh it, the message won’t be there any longer.

To start off, simply enter your secret message, an optional password, and hit the Create One Time Share Link. A URL will be generated, which you can share with others.


Once the recipient reads the message, it will delete itself from the website’s database to ensure that it won’t ever be retrievable again. When the URL is clicked a second time, a message is displayed stating the target link to be invalid. DUE.IM makes sharing private information easier by ensuring the links cannot be exploited afterwards.

One Time Share  DUE Invalid

You might think the service is only good for the few times in your life you decide to play Mission Impossible and need a message that self destructs but this is a good way to share information that is extra sensitive like a home address or a phone number that you don’t want to paste on Facebook or even send in email. Additionally, the service can serve as an excellent temporary bulletin board for you to use. The addition of a password makes it easier to keep the link from expiring unnecessarily. Perhaps the service should consider making the expiry period for password protected links slightly longer than the 24hours.

Passwords are optional but in case you’ve shared the link somewhere others can read it too if they tried, the password will not only keep your message safe but it will also ensure that a random click will not expire it. Note that if a message isn’t viewed in 24 hours, it will automatically be deleted from the service. DUE.IM is a great service for removing all records of your messages once they are read. You can give it a try by clicking the link below.

Visit DUE.IM


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