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ShareMyPlaylists – Share & Find Playlists And Play Directly In Spotify

Ever create a great playlist in Spotify and think your work of genius should be shared with the world, or your friends at the least? Or have you ever had one of those days when all your music was just boring you to death and you couldn’t find something better to listen to? ShareMyPlaylists is a web service that not only makes it easy to share your Spotify playlists on Facebook and Twitter but also with the ShareMyPlaylists community. It gives you access to a large library of user created playlists that you can browse in your browser but play in Spotify.


Sharing a playlist is a simple three step process. Copy the URL of the Spotify playlist you want to share. Click Submit Your Playlist! on the site and a panel will open. Paste the URL in the Enter Spotify URL field. The Playlist name will be entered automatically (same as the one you’ve given your list). Enter a brief description of your playlist, pick a genre and click Submit Playlist!. It gives you the option to generate artwork for your playlist by clicking Generate Artwork.

Share Playlists ShareMyPlaylists

You can post your playlist on Twitter and Facebook the same time you submit it.

sharemyplaylists play on spotify

The site lets you play single tracks or entire playlists. Search ShareMyPlaylists for playlists generated based on a particular artist or for a particular song or artist. Click the play button and allow you browser to connect and play the track in Spotify. All tracks in a particular playlist are added to queued tracks in Spotify. To save them, create a new playlist and add all songs to it. You can also connect your Last.fm account to this service. The service also provides lyrics to individual songs.

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[Via Lifehacker]

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