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Should I Change My Password Checks If You’re A Victim Of Mass Hacking

Somewhere between weak passwords and sites that don’t pay as much attention to their security as they should; there exists a window of opportunity for hackers to gain access to your email ID and passwords. The more ‘in-your-face’ hackers like to take the information they’ve stolen and make it public. That means somewhere out there, there is a virtual wall of shame with an email ID and perhaps a weak password that might belong to you. Should I Change My Password is a free web service that lets you check if your email was one among other victims of mass hacking. It runs your email through its database to see if it is among the scores of email IDs and passwords openly published by hackers and lets you know if it’s time for a change.

Should I Change My Password

The site is useful if you find it difficult to check the list of hacked accounts published by hackers or if you found out a little too late that one of the sites you frequently visit have been hacked and the list of published information is nowhere to be found. Should I Change My Password itself does not serve as a database where hackers can upload login information, however, once hackers post this information else where, the site integrates it with their database.

Should I Change My Password check

To check if an account has been compromised, enter your email ID and click Check it! If your account is safe, you’ll be given the green signal with a dire warning to change passwords regularly and avoid using the same ones on different sites.

Should I Change My Password bulk check

You can also check multiple email IDs in one go. If you suspect family and friends have been a victim of a particular hack attack, you can run their accounts through the database. Should your fears be confirmed, not only can you protect yourself by blocking the addresses but also alert the victims themselves.

Be warned that the service relies on published information from hackers to determine if your account is secure or not. In the event that a co-worker has gained access to you email ID to steal your identity and has neglected to blog about his/her conquest, the site will not be able to tell if your account has been hacked or not.

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