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Side Tabs Arranges Tabs In A Vertical Toolbar [Firefox]

Side Tabs is a Firefox add-on that arranges tabs in a vertical rather than horizontal fashion. It’s a cosmetic change for those of you who prefer to have tabs cascaded along the side of the browser window. You might not favor it if you’re working on a small or relatively small screen but for larger screens, it’s better than having the tabs at the top where the title, at some point, will be truncated. It simply moves your tabs to the left side of your browser, and is great for widescreen monitors or for people who keep many tabs open at the same time. Using the default tabs in Firefox can be frustrating when you have 20 or more open tabs, and have to scroll back and forth in the tab bar to find the right one. With Side Tabs, tab management and access is easier. Recently, we covered a similar add-on, Tab Sidebar Reloaded, which was more advanced and had more features, giving each tab history, reload and stop options, and displaying website thumbnails in the sidebar. Side Tabs provides the same functionality but with fewer options; however, it should be noted that the add-on is intentionally very minimalistic, and is intended for users who want to keep things simple. The add-on provides the option to position the tabs at the right of the screen but it defaults to the right.

Once you’ve installed Side Tab, all your open tabs will automatically be displayed in a side bar. From here, you can either add new tabs by clicking the “+” button or close open ones. The great thing about this side bar is that you can drag and resize it to any width. Visit its options if you want to position the tabs on the right instead of the left. The freedom to choose which side of the screen the tabs should appear on has been wisely added since defaulting to the left might not be convenient for everyone but defaulting to the right might interfere with page scrolling.

side tab

The add-on is very simple and straight forward and the develop appears to have thought of everything that might make accessing tabs from a panel on the side of your screen easier. If you’re used to always having your tabs on the top, switching to this layout will probably take time. In all browsers, except Opera, moving the tabs bar to any other position requires an extension or add-on and this one is a fairly good one for Firefox.

Install Side Tabs Add-On For Firefox

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