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Siphon – Sync Addons Across Multiple Computers [Extension]

Siphon is a simple solution for synchronizing all the Firefox addons across multiple systems. If you are using Firefox and need to install the addons on different systems without having to create a list manually then it would be of great help. Siphon is a Firefox add-on which creates a list of add-ons that are to be synced across multiple PCs.

It is to be noted here that synchronization in its context doesn’t mean synchronization of changes you’ve made to the installed add-ons settings. It doesn’t sync user data, settings, and preferences, as said before, it is designed solely for syncing a list of installed add-ons to install all of them on other systems that you’re using.

For the first time usage, it requires you to register for an account. Once done, login with your username & password and it will start generating a list of installed add-ons. You can delete the addon(s) from the list and keep only those which you wish to sync in future on other systems.

siphon sync1

On other systems, you would need to login with the same credentials, it will generate a list of installed add-ons to let you quickly synchronize them.

sync start1

It is still in beta phase, so you may encounter some bugs and lags. The developer offers well-documented Siphon API, which advance users can use to configure their own servers with it. In our experience, it didn’t show any sync-related error.

Siphon Add-on for Firefox

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