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Skrittle: Discover Websites & Videos Based On Your Browsing Patterns [Web]

With time, the internet is getting bigger and better, with more digital content being shared. As the content on the internet is growing exponentially, we need to find different ways to discover new websites, rather then browsing the same old ones. Part of the problem is that we, as users, don’t know where to look to find better content than what we already have. This is where Skrittle, a web service, helps us out by letting us explore new websites, based on the current website they are on and what other similar users like. All you have to do is install the bookmarklet and when you’re on any website, click it to discover new ones.

The concept is starkly alike StumbleUpon. To start off, click the Install the Marklet button, and a Setup page will be displayed with the Skrittle marklet, which you can simply drag to your bookmarks bar.

install marklet

So, next time when you’re browsing a website and want to find new ones that other similar users like, hit the bookmarklet in your bookmarks bar.


Almost instantly, colorful bouncy balls with a variety of websites will appear on the same page. When looking for new websites, you will see pictures along with the cool web balls, which are basically videos. You can then find a site or video that looks interesting and click on it to visit the source. Moreover, when you sign up, you can bookmark websites by clicking the thumbs up button in the Skrittle Marklet, whereas when you click the thumbs down, that site will never be suggested to you again. That’s how simple it is!


According to Skrittle, a new feature will be added that will allow you to filter what appears in the Skrittle Marklet by video or website. Skrittle is fun, interactive and quite addictive, so visit the link below and give it a try!

Visit Skrittle

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