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Snipreel: Snip And Share The Best Parts of YouTube Videos [Web]

Articles and documents aren’t the only things that are too long to go through in detail. Audio and video might be much more interesting but sometimes this media type can get too long to listen and sit through as well. At times like this, a comprehensive way to share the gist of a video much like the summary of an article is the only reasonable way to share a video that’s too long.  Snipreel is a web app that lets you modify YouTube videos, to quickly create highlight reels and snip the best parts of a video. This app lets you take any YouTube video and cut it into different parts which are then patched together automatically. The snipped reel you create cannot be more than 59 seconds long.  Snipreel allows users to share their videos on popular social networks and also copy the URL links for the videos. Simply paste a YouTube URL, click the snip button when you find something interesting to include in the video, and then click it again when you want that part to end.

Just paste the YouTube URL link to start creating your very own reel. Whenever you find an interesting part, click the snip button and once that part ends click the button again. What you end up with, is a highlight reel with different parts, limited to 60 seconds. You can then copy the URL link or share it on popular sharing networks, such as, Facebook and Twitter. The service is still in Alpha which is why you can create a video only 59 seconds long. Once the video has been created, you can go back and edit it.

snip reeel add video

The service also has a Chrome extension that embeds the service’s controls right in to the YouTube interface. It does not work for videos that have restricted embedding and may cause a slight delay before a video start playing.

snipreel youtube

Snipreel is great for shortening tutorial videos that you might have to share with a large group of people. You can cut out lengthy introductory music and include only the parts that offer practical demonstrations. Other uses you might put the app to are to shorten videos of lengthy speeches or events so that you end up with a great overview of the event.

Snipreel is one amazing service, and is worth giving a try. So, snip your very own videos and share them with the world. Visit the link below, check it out and drop a comment.

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[via TNW]


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