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Sort Unsorted Bookmarks In Firefox Directly From Bookmarks Menu

Well organized bookmarks can be an easy way of revisiting a great site or a useful page; unorganized bookmarks on the other hand can be a complete nightmare. You may as well try and teach the mouse to fetch than look for a page in that long never ending list of links. In Firefox, bookmarks can go unsorted if you’re in the habit of using the bookmark button rather than the keyboard shortcut to save sites and pages. All those pages go right to unsorted bookmarks and you might never really stop procrastinating long enough to open the bookmarks manager and sort out those unsorted unsightly bookmarks. Unsorted Bookmarks Folder Menu is a Firefox extension that appends unsorted bookmarks folder to the bookmarks menu so you can sort them directly from there.

unsorted bookmarks

The extension gives you quicker access to the unsorted bookmarks without switching windows. The saved pages can be dragged & dropped to folders or to the bookmarks menu. The extension isn’t going to sort things for you, what it will give you is easier access to your unsorted saved links; like a sign pointing to ‘here’s what’s wrong’ you’ll know at a glance how much clutter you need to sort out.

Install Unsorted Bookmarks Folder Menu For Firefox

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