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Speed Dial Through All Open Pages In Firefox With Scale Tabs

Speed Dialing your favorite sites is probably one of the fastest ways of getting to your favorite site and a popular feature in Chrome and Opera. The feature hasn’t made it to Firefox just yet but Scale Tabs is an extension that lets you speed dial your way through all open tabs and windows. It makes it easier to find the tab you’re looking for and to switch between windows. The extension displays thumbnails (real time screenshots) of the tabs you currently have open. These thumbnails can be clicked to bring the tab to front, regardless of which window the tab is open in.

Scale Tabs Firefox

Scale tabs replaces the blank page that opens whenever you open a new tab with something that’s useful; a thumbnail list of all pages that you have open. The extension also integrates a search bar in the interface; you can use the bar to search open tabs or to search online. When text is entered in the search bar (called Search Field) the extension first matches the text with the title of all open pages. You can enter all or part of the title and the extension will be able to find it. If the extension can’t find a match for the text you’ve entered, it searches for the text online in your default search engine.

As opposed to searching for tabs in the Awesome bar, this might actually be more convenient; you don’t have to type the name of the webpage if you can just pick it out from the thumbnails. The extension doesn’t override the functionality of the address bar or the search bar so you can still start a new search in a new tab using either one of them but this extension does a great job of putting all the blank space in a new tab to really good use.

Install Scale Tabs For Firefox

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