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Split, Merge And Index Chrome Tabs & Windows With Chromie [Extension]

Chromie splits, merges and indexes multiple chrome windows and tabs with only a click on the button in the toolbar. With it, you can toggle between one and many windows and split or merge windows to occupy the whole screen, with different workspaces. A double-click creates two workspaces, a triple click creates three workspaces, and so on. A single click merges all windows into a single window. Layouts are created from right to left, so users should try getting used to the fact that the main window will always move to the top right of the screen. Moreover, this Chrome extension also offers users with a tab indexing feature.

You can click the button in the toolbar to switch between different modes. Simply press Ctrl+Alt+key to assign an index to a particular tab. You should note that this index can either be a number or a letter. After assigning an index, the letter will be displayed in the tab’s title and you can then press Ctrl+key to jump to a specific tab.

vertial tabs

The tabs can be easily be separated and displayed in multiple windows horizontally, vertically or both.


The Chromie Options allow you to pick a layout and decide how fast you can click by choosing the Click Timeout parameter. By default, this parameter has been set to 200 milliseconds.

If you click very fast then you probably shouldn’t change it. The extension helpfully displays the number of clicks it has registered on its icon so it will give you a realistic idea of how fast you are clicking. If the extension fails to register as many clicks as you would like, increase the time by 100 milliseconds. Give a few different times a try until you’re comfortable with the way the extension is working.

Chromie options

The extension doesn’t have flaws as much as it has bugs. The need to restart your browser is annoying and using the extension without doing so causes your tabs to reload and not display properly. If there is one thing you can generally appreciate about a Chrome extension as opposed to a Firefox Add-on it is the need to not have to restart your browser. Incidentally, the extension doesn’t include a restart button which it should seeing that it is needed to make it work right.

Users should restart Chrome for the index feature to work properly. Overall, Chromie is quite a useful extension that allows you to work online with various layouts. Install the extension from the link below and give it a try!

Install Chromie: Window and Tab Tools

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