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Stay Fit, Exercise & Count Calories With SlimKicker [Web]

When it comes to losing weight, staying fit or living healthier, most of us lose motivation and fail to develop healthier eating habits. This is where SlimKicker comes in. This web app is a level-up game and point-based program that helps you stay fit by offering you virtual coaching from a team of experts. These experts help you stay in shape by recommending health diets in a personalized way. With it, you can diet according to a plan and take part in challenges, even with a chance to reward yourself when you reach a milestone. Additionally, you can find recipes, related articles on health and fitness and the chance to get in touch with nutrition experts or coaches.

Once you’ve signed up for the service, you will have to select your main goal, details of how you look, select your fitness level and what describes you best. When you’ve completed these steps, SlimKicker will show you your Diet Summary and your Recommended Nutrition Goals. Next, click Start at the bottom of this pop-up to view diet plans, exercises, challenges and much more.


At the top of the page, you will find Dashboard, Nutrition, Body, Challenge, Groups, Friends and Blog. The Dashboard category basically displays Quick Links, like Log Food, Log Exercise, Find Groups and Challenges. Here, you will also be able to view Slim Points, Challenges Done and the level of completion. Also, at the bottom of the page under the Inspiration Feed tab, you will be able to read posts from other members.



The Nutrition category allows you to search foods, view your recent foods and add recipes. With it, you can keep track of your diet and the calories you consume in each meal or every day. Food items can either be added to the Recent Foods or to My Recipes. Each food items comes with nutrition facts, stats and more.




Next, the Body category lets you browse various exercises and you can even add them to your routine. In addition to that, you can view trends and stats for the exercises you perform.



SlimKicker Challenges let you filter by Willpower, Emotional, Nutrition, Fitness, Giveaway and User Created options, and you can also select difficulty levels. Once done, you can read articles about these challenges and how they work. To earn points, all you have to do is check in every day, so you can keep track of your challenges.




This handy web application provides motivation and makes fitness changes less overwhelming with fun, concrete challenges. Visit the link below to develop a healthier lifestyle with a better diet.

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