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Stolen Camera Finder Looks For Your Lost Digital Camera

In a crime ridden world, Matt Burns created a search engine dedicated to finding truth, justice and your stolen camera.Stolen Camera Finder checks the EXIF information embedded in your photos to search for pictures taken by the same camera. Matt Burns also created an extension for Chrome to build the photo database of the search engine.

stolen camera finder

Stolen Camera Finder reads EXIF data from JPEG photos; if you’re camera has been stolen go to the website and drag & drop an image that you took with the camera. The search engine will read the information and match it against the photos in it’s database and alerts you if it find anything. If you don’t have a photo taken from your stolen (lost or missing) camera, you can always enter the serial number to search.

The accuracy and utility of this service depends on the number of photos in it’s database. Photos are added to the database when users who have installed the Chrome extension, browse the web. All photos that appear on web pages, are indexed in Stolencamerafinder’s database.

The idea itself is a great one, but has a few constraints. The site currently supports digital cameras only and not the ones integrated in smart phones; nevertheless, for professional photographers this might be a great resource. Maybe in future, the site will support more mage formats to expedite catching camera thieves. The service is a good place to start looking for a lost/ missing/ stolen camera but you will need help from the police and possibly a bit more evidence to prove ownership.

Visit Stolen Camera Finder

Install Stolen Camera Finder Extension For Chrome

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