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Stop Flash & Silverlight From Loading In Firefox To Save Bandwidth

Bandwidth doesn’t come cheap and definitely isn’t something you want to waste if you, like most people, have a monthly limit. Bandwidth limit is one of those things that can make you hate Flash; while most flash content is great and justifies the bandwidth it uses (like games or videos on YouTube and of course web apps built in Flash) there are times when you’d rather not have it clogging your lines and eating away at your download cap. flashPause is an extension for Firefox that lets you stop Flash and Silverlight content from loading. You can stop the content from loading on any part of the page or on the entire page.

pause flash

The extension adds two options to the right-click context menu; Pause all flash and Play all flash. Right click anywhere on a page that has flash content and pause it. Right-clicking on the flash object will not give you the options as the context menu that opens will be the one for flash objects, click on an empty part of the page. The extension stops the content from buffering thus saving your bandwidth. Playing it again will cause the content to reload fresh.

You can stop all flash content from loading on a page or you can select the content you want to pause. The extension identifies where Flash content is on the site and when you mouse over it, a Pause option appears. Clicking on the option will stop that particular content from loading while other flash content will continue to load. The extension also effectively stops Silverlight content from loading.

pause flash objects

Install flashPause For Firefox

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  • Dan

    It would be better if Fx had a built-in “click to play” functionality like in Chrome.

  • Rene

    Does noscript for firefox do the same?