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Listen To & Download Free Dance Music With PumpYouUp [Web]

If you want to groove to the music, get up on the dance floor and have some fun, then the first thing you need is some good dance music. Finding and collecting a variety of dance tracks is not an easy task, as you have to go through a multitude of apps to download songs. However, why do all that when you can simply discover, listen or download the best dance tracks from a single service, like PumpYouUp. This is a gorgeous web application that helps dance music lovers stream or download tracks directly from the website. PumpYouUp comes with four different collections, Fall, Winter, New Year and Spring. These collections further consist of sub-genres, such as dubstep, techno, pop, trance, house, funk, and electronic music. Indie artists, as well as small label artists, are featured. PumpYouUp searches for the best of indie and underground producers, contacts the artists and arranges for the free music downloads. It also potentially re-masters the tracks to maximize sound quality, and then publishes them on the website.

You can start listening to music by clicking the tiny play button next to each track, or download the tracks simply by clicking the arrow icon displayed at the end of each track. The downloading will instantly begin, and all tracks will be saved in MP3 file format. Moreover, the Gallery option at the bottom of the page displays a collection of attractive images in a bar, which you can select and set as the background image.

songs and homepage

When a track is played, an in-browser music player opens to the left hand-side of the page and begins the playback. This player lets you play/pause music, skip or go back to a track and adjust the volume. In addition, you can click the Playlist option to open a playlist in a new panel or click the arrow at the end of the bar to minimize the player.


PumpYouUp is a user-friendly web service that is great for everyone who loves trance, house and electronic music. It will definitely make you grab your headphones, so visit the link below and give it a try.

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