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Sunglasses – Tint Flashy Webpages To Relieve Eye Strain [Chrome]

People haven’t stopped making flashy sites and unless someone introduces a piece of legislation that prohibits the making of websites that suck, your eyes will continue to suffer. Flashy sites aren’t the only ones that hurt our eyes, sometimes, a day’s worth of strain makes it difficult to stand white backgrounds that appear all the more brighter to tired eyes. Sunglasses is a Chrome extension that lets you set a tint level for web pages. Once a page loads, it automatically darkens to the specified level for your comfort.


The extension adds an icon next to the URL bar, clicking it opens a pop up with a slider that you can move backward or forward to adjust the level of tint and hit save. If you’re wondering why use an extension to tint a webpage instead of just adjusting contrast on your screen, here are two good reasons. One; it might be hard for you to read just the screen to normal when your eyes are no longer tired, and two; you might want to view your desktop and any desktop apps in normal tint but adjusting the screen’s contrast will change how everything appears.

Install Sunglasses Extension For Chrome

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