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Surf Securely Using Proxy In Chrome With Proxypy Web Proxy


It is a well known fact that using an anonymous proxy to browse through the Internet is a much safer way than to do otherwise. This is because harmful websites attempt to log  IP addresses for malicious purposes. Certain spyware applications and harmful codes require personal IP addresses in order to initiate an attack. Similarly, hackers try to use IP information in order to obtain home addresses, credit card information, social security numbers and bank account credentials. Using an anonymous proxy tricks such malicious sources by providing them with a fake IP, which protects your computer’s security from being compromised. Having a proxy also shelters from such online tracking agents that attempt to profile user activities. ProxyPy Web Proxy is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to surf the web anonymously via a proxy. Just click on the Proxypy Web Proxy icon next to the browser and enter your desired URL to surf with an anonymous IP. Simple as that.

ProxyPy Web Proxy Extension For Chrome

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