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Switch To Different Screen Modes With Full Screen Plus [Firefox]

Full Screen Plus, a Firefox add-on, allows you to switch between full-screen, full-screen with navigator bar, maximized window or restored window from any other window state. If you like to have your web browser at a certain size for certain tasks, then this add-on can be quite useful. The add-on adds eight small buttons right next to the address bar, but users can also add a one large button to switch between the two different full screen modes. After installing this add-on, right-click the six buttons to change the pattern and layout. You can either display four buttons or one large button at a time. It also allows you to move a particular Firefox window to another monitor without having to drag it.

After installing the add-on, you will notice that eight buttons have been added to the toolbar. The six buttons that look something like windows allow you to change the size of window and enable different viewing modes.

The first three buttons on the top row imitate the minimize, maximize and restore function that you get from the respective window buttons. The bottom three buttons allow you to enable various full screen modes. The firs button lets you enter full screen with the URL bar and tabs still visible. The second button enables full screen with the URL bar visible but the tabs all hidden. You will need to exit this mode each time you want to switch to a different tab. The third button enters full screen mode and hides the tabs and the URL bar but if you move your mouse to the top of the window, they will appear and disappear when moved away.

The last buttons on each row are for moving the window to a different display that you might have attached to your system. The button on the top row, the one that points to the left will move the window to the other monitor if it is to the left of your current one. The last button on the bottom row will do the same for a monitor on your right.

To change the layout, Simply right-click the button. One large button can be displayed or the four buttons can be displayed in a line.

one large button

Full Screen Plus is a tiny add-on that allows you to switch between different screen size modes. It can be useful for people who keep changing their window size and don’t want to use the keyboard f11 shortcut to go to full-screen.

Install Full Screen Plus Add-On For Firefox


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