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Tab Position Customizer Lets You Personalize Tab Behavior In Chrome

Just about all top browsers support tabbed browsing and it is possibly one of the best things to have come to browsers. The thing is that while everyone loves tabbed browsing, they may not like how it behaves when opening links. Some of you might not mind if a link you click opens a page to the right of the current tab but others might find it annoying and would prefer it open at the very end. Tab Position Customizer, a Google Chrome extension, lets you personalize the behavior of tabs so you can get them to open just the way you want. By default, Chrome opens new tabs to the right of the current tab, while staying on the current webpage. This extension changes this default setting by offering you with different tab opening and activating options, such as first, last, right and left of the current tab.

When installed, the extension maintains the default Chrome behavior for opening tabs. You will have to visit the extension’s options to edit your preferences. The options are divided into three types. The Tab Opening Position options lets you choose the position for a new tab when opened from the Open in new tab context menu option.

The Activate Tab After Closing option allows you to choose which tab will be selected when you close one tab. By default, the tab to the left of the one you closed is selected. You can choose to select the one to the right, the very first tab in the current window or the last one.

The New Tab option allows you set the new tab to automatically be selected when opened. By default, the new tab opens in the background. Lastly, the Miscellaneous option allows you to manage the behavior of pop-up windows. Normally pop-up windows open separately and cannot be dragged to a window as a tab. These windows might be ads or sign-up forms.

Each option set has a Chrome Default option which allows you to return tabbed browsing to its default behavior. In all fairness, not a lot of people might have problems with the default behavior but it can get annoying when you are, let’s say, opening several links in Google Reader and would like to read them in the order they were opened in. This and other user specific scenarios create the need for an extension like this.

Install Tab Position Customizer For Chrome


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