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Tagmark: Save Webpages As Tags & Add Notes For Them [Chrome]

Tagmark, a Chrome extension, is a simple solution to bookmarking and tagging content on the web.  It brings together fast one-click bookmarking using tags to organize your favorites. With Tagmarks, the URL and the title of the page is automatically added to the pop-up, and users can enter notes and a tag for the website. The extension then adds the tags to the Tagmark webpage, which can be accessed by clicking the Tagmark logo in the pop-up. Tagmark requires a simple sign up, after which all your tags are saved to the cloud. Tagmark works by letting you bookmark webpages both for personal or professional purposes without cluttering the bookmark bar.

Once you’ve installed the extension, you will find a T+ button right next to the address bar. When you come across a website or webpage that you would like to bookmark as a tag, simply click the button in the toolbar and a pop-up will be displayed with the Title, Url, Notes and Tag options.The Title and URL for the page are automatically added to the pop-up. Moreover, you can add notes and a tag for the page. Once done, click Save Changes and you’re good to go.

edit Tag

Whenever you want to access your saved tags, click the Tagmark icon in the pop-up and the Tagmark webpage will open in a new tab with the list of all saved tags. Clicking a link opens the tag with details such as Title, Date Added and Tags. Click the link under the title and the website will be opened instantly.

Tagmark Page

The extension gives you quicker access to your bookmarks without having to search them in the bookmarks toolbar or folders. You can install it from the link below.

Install Tagmark For Chrome

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