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Tagmarks: Organize Bookmarks & Add Tags To Them [Firefox]

Tagmarks is a Firefox add-on that adds a set of icons to the address bar, allowing you to quickly add tags to your bookmarks by clicking different icons. The add-on brings the power of using tags to organize your bookmarks and with it, you can click a lot of different icons when adding a site to your bookmarks, instead of just clicking the Bookmark star. When you click an icon, it will add the page to the bookmarks and associate that icon with the page, through the use of tags. Tagmarks works smoothly and stays hidden until you begin to use it. Tag icons are added to the address bar of Firefox, which can then be used to employ various tags.

After installing the add-on, simply hover your mouse over the address bar, and a new set of icons will appear. You can even click the tiny arrow in the address bar to access all of the icons. Clicking on an icon has the same effect as clicking on the star, but with an added benefit, i.e., it will also apply the tag to the page, and will always display it when you’re on that particular page.


Once you’ve bookmarked multiple websites and pages, you might want to access them at a later time. To do so, simply click the Bookmarks button in the menu bar and click View Tagmarks tags option.

View Tagmarks Tags

This will open a new tab with the Tagmark tags icon in a tiny yellow box. To access bookmarked pages, simply click an icon and get all the pages that you added in a specific category.

TagMarks tags

The add-on lets you manage and organize bookmarks in a better way. It gives you quicker access to bookmarks without having to sift through them in the bookmarks toolbar or folders. You can install the add-on from the link below.

Install Tagmarks Add-On For Firefox

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