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Take Notes From Your Browser & Add Them To Local Word Files [Firefox]

There are a whole bunch of extensions that allow you to take notes in your browser and save them either to the cloud, to an online note taking service or to your browser. Notesaver is a Firefox extension that works a little different but to the same effect. It’s meant for note taking but as opposed to saving notes online, it lets you create MS Word files anywhere on your system and save text to them without opening the file and program itself.

Notesaver create new file

Once installed, the extension lets you create files and save text to them directly from the right click context menu. To create a file, right click anywhere in Firefox and select Capture > Create File from the context menu. A dialog box will open asking for a file name and where you want to create it i.e. file location.

notesaver create file

Enter a file name, click the browse button to select where you want to create the file and click Ok. Check the location you specified and a MS Word file with the name you entered will have been added to that location.

notesaver add text

To add text from a website to the file you’ve just created, select the text and right click it. The Capture option added by the extension will have file names of all files you’ve created using it. Selecting a file will add the text to that file. It will not require you to open the Word document on your system.

notesaver File window

You can customize what order files appear in when you right click selected text by right-clicking anywhere on a web page and choosing Capture > File Option. You can remove a file from the list or select a file and click OK to move it to the top.

notesaver Options

Additionally, you can define a default file to save any and all text to and you can add a time stamp to the various text snippets you send to any file by checking the Append date and time for each clip checkbox.

Notesaver doc file

The extension is highly useful if you like to research and gather your information online but compile your work offline in MS Word.

Install Notesaver Extension For Firefox

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