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Themes for Google Plus Adds Background Image In Google+ [Chrome]

Google Plus extensions that we’ve covered so far have added or tweaked the functionality of the Google+ page but Themes for Google Plus is a Chrome extension that is entirely different; it let’s you set a background image for your profile. Granted that the background image will only be visible if you’ve installed the extension in your browser, and for you only but a background image still makes things more personal and much better.

Themes for Google Plus

Once installed, the extension adds a Change Background button next to the Send Feedback button in the lower right hand corner. The button will redirect you to the extension’s website where you can upload images from your computer and set them as backgrounds. The pictures you upload become public on the site and there is no way to remove them so practice caution about what you upload.

Google Plus Themes

To upload an image, click the Upload an image link and select any image saved on your system. You can’t provide a URL of an image hosted online. There’s a link that lets you set images that other users have uploaded as your background image but it didn’t work out during tests. Image upload takes a bit time and it isn’t clear what image size is best since the background will resize when the window is resized. It can take a while before the background changes and you might have to open Google+ in a new window for the effects to be implemented.

Install Themes for Google Plus Extension For Chrome

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