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think with Google: Find Articles, Videos & Insights On Latest Trends & Technology [Web]

think with Google is a simple service that lets you look into industry trends and insights by letting you browse articles, interviews with leaders, case studies and other data. think with Google’s mission is to engage the industry in conversation about the digital world and its future, discover new ways to approach business and better ways to serve customers. Think with Google is comprised of three main categories, Think insights, Think Quarterly and Think Voices. think quarterly is a place for innovators who lend their insights on the digital future, whereas think voices lets you listen to industry leaders who share their ideas about the current global issues. The last category, think insights, is an online resource that covers topics from consumer behavior to digital media trends.

You will find think quarterly, think voices and think insights categories on the homepage. Click the one that interests you and start browsing the extensive collection of articles, videos, stats, research and more. Moreover, the service also allows you to easily search the website.


think with google

think quarterly is all about digital future. Here, you’ll find a large collection of articles. The articles are displayed to the right, whereas the think quarterly menu is displayed to the left. Scroll through the articles and read the ones you like.


think quarterly

think voices offers users with quotes and videos from top industry leaders. At the top right corner of the page, you will find Quotes, Watch and Video Wall buttons. Quotes are highlighted in blue color and the video wall displays loads of videos.


think voicesqoutes

The last category, think insights, consists of multiple sub categories, such as Latest Insights, Facts & Stats, Research Library, Planning Tools and Thinking Ahead. It also comes with a multimedia library, featuring case studies, infographics and video snippets. You will find interesting stats about technology and digital media. In addition to that, the Planning tools are custom accessories that help you gain consumer and marketing insights. Thinking ahead keeps you up-to-date with emerging trends around the world and ideas that will shape the future.

think insights

Each category has sub-categories to the left hand-side of the page. For instance, the Research Library has topics from all types of industry, such as Automotive, Restaurants, Financial services, Travel, Technology and more.

research library

Overall, think with Google is quite a useful web application that allows you to keep up with new digital media. It also helps you develop strategies and decisions by letting you access stats, research, trends and insights. Visit the link below and give it a shot.

Visit think with Google

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