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thinkery: One Place To Take Notes, Save Webpages & URLs For Later While Browsing

With the massive amount of information online, sometimes we just can’t keep track of all important and interesting content that we come across. This is where thinkery can help you out. This handy web application makes life easier by letting you focus on the important content, and access it instantly at any later time. Basically, thinkery is a bookmarklet available for all browsers (and an extension for Chrome) that allows you to quickly capture anything that comes to your mind, and save content that you come across on the web for future reference. With it, you can quickly save all important URLs to your thinkery account. Moreover, it lets you access or edit your saved content in a super-fast way, with instant search and tags.

The Chrome extension for the service adds a button to the toolbar, which, when clicked, saves the page, complete with the option to add tags, edit the URL or add notes. You can use thinkery to record and organize your thoughts. Additionally, you can use tags or keywords to keep similar thoughts together, and make them easy to find. Note that if you don’t have an account, the extension automatically creates a temporary one and saves all your websites to it. You can also click the edit button to change the URL or add a note to it. To use it, simply click the icon displayed on the left side of the bar, and thinkery will work its magic thereon.


You will find a menu, URLs, titles and the actual content in thinkery’s slick interface. You can also filter content by tags, or search saved websites by entering a query in the search bar. The wonderful thing about thinkery is that it automatically categorizes your links according to the type of media, and lets you read articles in a clean, clutter-free interface. Additionally, it gives you the ability to edit an item, add a tag, remove tags, make an item public or private, and archive, un-archive or delete items.


thinkery is a neat service that works seamlessly and can be quite useful for people who need to quickly save web content on the go. It lets you access tons of information in an instant, without having you to search your bookmarks bar or inbox. If you’re looking for a way to organize your thoughts, tasks and stuff you find online, visit the link below and give it a try!

Install thinkery For Google Chrome

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