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Thoughtboxes Offers A Different Way To Organize Your Train Of Thoughts

Everyone thinks differently and how you organize thoughts can differ from person to person which is why you might not be as nuts about the same to-do list manager or brainstorming app as your friends. If you’re still looking for the perfect app to help you manage your to-dos, try Thoughtboxes. Thoughtboxes is a take on brainstorming without mind maps and is perfect if you prefer to-do lists free of timelines. The web service comes with both a free and premium version. The free version lets you create up to three trains of thought and add unlimited number of boxes to each. The premium version allows you to create an unlimited number of trains of thought and collaborate and share them with friends.

Thoughtboxes boxes

To create a train of thought, sing up and click the Plus sign on the top bar or the Add another train of thought on the dashboard. Once you’ve created a train, you can add as many boxes to each. To add a box, open the train of thought and click the green Add a box button.

What's for lunch  Thoughtboxes

The thought boxes can be color coded and you can then add as many tasks to each box as you want The tasks can be edited, checked off as completed or marked as favorites by hovering the mouse over a task to see the options,

Thoughtboxes add thoughts

The free version is somewhat limited but if this turns out to be ‘the one’ for you, it might just be worth the $5 you have to pay monthly for the premium account.

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