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Todo-inator Is Offline Chrome App For Managing Daily To-Dos

An average to-do list manager comes with quite a number of features; the functionality of to-do list managers often extends beyond just helping you remember and organize a long list of things to collaborating with others on tasks. If features like this aren’t what you need to get things done, then you might need something on the simpler side. Todo-inator is a Chrome application for managing to-do lists. The app is useful if you don’t like getting multiple email reminders or ticking time clocks that remind you how much time you  have left to complete a task.

Todo-inator is an offline to-do manager which means that you can get to your lists without being connected to the internet. It doesn’t send you constant emails about upcoming tasks and categorizes your to-dos in one of three simple categories; Today, Next & Someday.

Todo-inator mark important

You can add as many tasks to your lists as you want, tasks can be deleted any time and can be marked as important. To create a task, click the green plus sign next to Add. Enter a name for the task and pick a suitable time period to complete the task by selecting either Today, Next or Someday. You can also set the level of importance of a task as either normal or important. A normal task can be changed to an important one, however, once a task is set to important, you cannot revert it back to a normal one. Click Add to create the task.

Todo-inator add task

When you click  a task, it glows blue (not to be confused with sparkling from Twilight), this is the selected state of a task. You can either delete it or mark it as important from the top bar. Clicking the small square button marks the task as complete and removes it. You cannot restore a task once it’s been deleted.

The app is low on features but it’s the bare bone of a to-do list manager and you can use it offline. For those daily tasks that are important but not important enough to be added to Google Calendar, this is one way to remember them all.

Install Todo-inator Application For Chrome

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