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Top Places To Watch Hollywood Movies And TV Shows Online For Free

Think you missed a movie or TV show because of work or the movie is not available in your region, worry not, there are plenty of sites which provide streaming movies and tv show for free. I have compiled the best 10 which I think are great in both quality  and content. I have seen many sites only index the movies, which means that they do not actually host it but rather just link to the websites which are hosting that movie or show.

Anyway here is the complete list based on how good I found them to be.

  • MovieLab – (My personal favorite) MovieLab hosts all the latest movies which can’t be found anywhere else, the quality is best as compared to other sites in the niche.
  • JOOX – (My second favorite) This site hosts pretty good movies, quality is the same like Movielab.
  • TV-LINKS – This site finds popular movies and tv shows and index them for the viewers.
  • MYMOVIES – Hosts both movies and tv shows in random order.
  • ALLUC – This site is the king of all other indexing sites on the web, the hompage might not seem friendly but it indexes all latest movies and tv shows frequently.
  • OVGUIDE – The best search engine for finding movies and tv shows streaming sites.


Okay, so now here is the list of legal alternatives for those living in US.

  • HULU – Best legal site where you can wath HD quality tv shows (For US residents only).
  • JAMAN – Watch selected movies and shows for free.
  • VUZE – Formerly known as Azureus, this site is similar to JOOST, where you have to download a client to watch movie and tv shows.
  • JOOST – This name might sound familiar, being the first site to stream legal shows for free, this is so far the best site where you will find 28,000+ TV Shows (You will have to download a client in order to watch streaming TV shows).

Hope this list helps you in wasting your time watching Movies and TV shows. Enjoy !

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