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Track Time Spent On Projects And Share It With Clients & Supervisors

Clockitin is a web service that can help telecommuters and freelancers track time spent on a project and share their time sheet for multiple projects with supervisors, colleagues or clients. You can add multiple projects, add tasks to projects, record work sessions and share time spent on projects with anyone making time management easier.

Clockitin  Viewing Project

To start clocking in, sign up for a free account and add your projects. Add tasks to each projects. To start a work session, click Start Session and choose a project and a task and click Save.

Clockitin start session

To share time spent on a project with someone, enter their email address in the Add Email field. They will be emailed a link where they can view progress on the project you’ve shared. Your clients/supervisor need not sign up for an account on Clockitin, they will be able to see your time stats without it.

Clockitin  Viewing Public Project

Sessions can be ended and resumed anytime from the Start Session option. The service lists total time spent on each task on an entire project and updates it after each session.

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