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GTimeTracking – Track Time Spent On Tasks In Google Calendar [Chrome]

There are a lot of tools available for tracking work progress and productivity; as simple or as complex as they get, if you prefer using Google Calendar to stay organized and you’re a self managing person, perhaps all you need is the GTimeTracking extension for Chrome. The extension lets you enter time spent on a task by clicking the extension icon. The extension connects with Google Calendar adds the task in the respective time slot and lets you add as many tasks as you want.


Once installed, click the icon, enter a task name, description and start & end time of the task. Tasks are added to your calendar within minutes and a desktop notification also pops up to show that the task has been added. You can only add tasks to the current day which means the extension can’t be used for task scheduling.

GTimeTracking notification

Before you start entering tasks, go to the extension’s options and click Authorize to allow the extension to connect with Google Calendar, you can define working hours for yourself. The extension uses your defined working hours as the default start and end time for tasks unless you choose to change it.

Install GTimeTracking For Chrome

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