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Track Time You Spend On Tasks In Google Chrome

Are you looking for an extension which can track time that you spend on different tasks while surfing on the web? Chrome Time Track for Google Chrome lets you keep tab on time that you will be spending on project tasks. It allows you to do all the basic time management operations, such as, add, edit and delete a task with an ease. The extension was designed to be simple and lightweight while it takes not more than a click to start tracking time for different types of tasks. All the listed tasks can be handled from its pop-up window.

After the installation, it will add an icon next to address bar. The icon is dynamic, showing status of defined tasks to check whether they are running or not. You have 3 simple options with each task – edit, reset, and delete, while Delete All option is also present to start a new task.

time track

After you’ve started tracking time, the counter will show you the time that you’re spending on the listed task. Once a task is finished, click Pause button followed by Play button to start another listed task. At the end of all the tasks, you can check out accumulated time spent on all tasks. If you need to create new task list, click Delete all prior to New task and give it an appropriate name.

Chrome Time Track Extension for Google Chrome

[via How-to-Geek]

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