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Track Your Thoughts With Online Brainstorming Service SpiderScribe

How do you normally gather your thoughts? If you were planning a trip, or a family vacation or maybe doing a write up for something, you’d probably be scribbling away on some scratch paper writing down whatever comes to mind, at the same time you’d be feeding numbers into your phone that might connect you with help or assistance for the project and lets not forget the multiple pages you’ll bookmark while you’re doing your planning/ research. That is a lot of information that you’ve stored in a lot of different places, getting them all in one place is going to take time. SpiderScribe is a web service that lets you do all this, online and in one place.


SpiderScribe lets you create thought maps, no matter what you’re working on. It lets you integrate text, dates, images, maps and files (html, .docx, pptx, .xlsx, .pdf etc) into one map. All files added to a map can be downloaded from anywhere.

The interface is simple; click on the button ‘Create New Map’. You can enter a name and description or create a map without them. The service takes you to the map board, where you can enter text, images and upload files. Drag & drop the buttons to start using them. You can’t create or edit documents and files in a board, but you can upload them and share your maps with anyone you want. The button bar can be be moved and pinned to either sides of the window or to the bottom.

What’s unique about SpiderScribe is that it lets you connect your notes, files and images so that you don’t just have random stuff pinned on a board, everything can be connected so that it exists relative to each other and makes more sense. You can plan a vacation (with maps and phone numbers) or an important assignment (with files, due dates, and quick notes).


You can share a map publically (visible to anyone on the internet) or privately (visible to people you choose to share it via email with or to anyone who has the link. When sharing a map with friends (or coworkers) you can select the level of rights they will have i.e. either as readers or as editors. Editors can make changes to the map (will require an account). You can allow or restrict them from adding people and changing viewing and editing rights of other people.

SpiderScribe is like a scrapbook for your thoughts, but you can use it to illustrate and share ideas for projects in work groups or peer groups and make collaboration simpler or planning easier.

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  • Lynda M.

    That’s a great web app! I love how simple it is… Can’t see to be able to export it into an image… but I see it’s just in beta… Can’t wait to see all the new features…

  • blueray

    Yeah this can help a lot, specially for person like me who forgets stuff so easily. The app’s still beta i guess so i hope may be the next version may support exporting other extensions as well…Thanx for sharing this!