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TrackMeNot Prevents Data Profiling By Search Engines [Extension]

How happy are you about search engines keeping tabs on your browsing behavior? Even though they say it’s to provide a better service and that they’ll take your information to the grave but never share it with anyone, it is nevertheless a fact that they know what you do online, how you do and when you do it. So if you’re not in the sharing mood and you don’t want to reveal too much abut your browsing patterns try TrackMeNot extension for Firefox and Chrome which will send rouge queries from your browser to different search engines and make your pattern difficult for them to decipher.


The extension comes preloaded with a whole bunch of queries like google,android,honda,data,ios lodsys android etc. Random queries from the list are picked and sent at regular intervals defined by the user. The extension sends queries to AOL, Bing, Yahoo and Google. You can generate a log file to see which queries have been sent at what time and to which search engine. The add-on options in Chrome are similar to those for Firefox.

TrackMeNot Chrome_

Queries that the extension sends are stored in a TXT file on your system, you can open and edit it any time. Click Current Queries in the add-on options and the file will open in the browser you’re using the extension in. Copy the file path from the address bar to windows explorer and hit Enter. The TXT file will open; edit and save accordingly.

Install TrackMeNot

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