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Tranquility: Clutter-Free Online Reading With Custom Font & Size [Firefox]

Tranquility, a Firefox add-on, improves the readability of online articles by removing unnecessary elements on a webpage, providing a simple and tranquil reading experience. Similar functionality is also available through iReader, an add-on we recently covered. Tranquility attempts to solve the same problem but uses a simpler approach with richer options that focus less on sharing and more on improving readability. . While reading online articles, either click the button in the toolbar or use the Ctrl+Alt+T combination as a keyboard shortcut to make the current web-page readable. A Tranquility! option is also added to the Tools category in the menu bar. You can use any of these options to toggle the reader on and off.

Once the add-on is installed, a button is added to the toolbarThe Ctrl+Alt+T combination can also be used to toggle the original web page on and off. Tranquility allows you to view online articles in a clutter free interface. It strips webpages from all the extra content, such as ads, videos and other such items. The article is displayed at the center of the page and a background image is also displayed. This image can not be changed; however, it can easily be disabled from preferences.


The Tranquility Preferences allow you to Enable background image, Set a Font Name and Font Size from the drop-down menus. In addition to that, you may change the Reading Width, as well.  In addition to that, you may change the Reading Width, as well. It lets you select the default language that Wikipedia will always open in and set a color for the text and text background.


The add-on first allows the website in question to load fully and then converts them to a simpler layout. It might be better for load time if it could convert the page as it loads and stop unnecessary elements from loading. Perhaps an option to let users choose between loading a website before rendering it in a simple layout, or rendering the website as it loads would be a good idea. The only downside of the add-on is the background picture. No doubt the developer thought clouds would be relaxing but it doesn’t seem to render well nor does it look very appealing.

Tranquility is an unobtrusive add-on that lets you read online articles in a neat and clutter-free interface. Install the add-on from the link below and try it out.

Install Tranquility Add-on For Firefox

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