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Transcribe: Listen To Audio Files And Conveniently Write Them Out

Transcribing audio is never fun. It is a mundane boring task that involves typing and listening at the same time. Very few audios are easy to transcribe; the speech may be too fast or unclear making you have to go back and listen to a particular part over and over again. Switching between an audio player and a word document to write out some or all the information can be really frustrating, not to mention time consuming. If you use audio and documentaries to write out articles or reviews, then Transcribe is a web app that can assist. This simple service is an audio player and a text input app in one. The point is to have your media player and writing tool in one place so you can stop, rewind and forward the audio without having to switch windows or apps. It also comes with keyboard shortcuts to pause, slow-down, speed-up, rewind or forward the audio clip. Furthermore, it also autosaves your transcribed text, and even works offline.

Transcribe’s interface allows you to load a single audio file from your hard drive. Once the file loads (and it loads fairly fast) the upload button is replaced with a play/pause button. The service supports MP3 and WAV format files. Once your file has been uploaded, begin the playback and start typing. While you listen to your audio file, basic playback controls like pause/resume, rewind, forward etc, become available. Transcribe also comes with a number of keyboard shortcuts, such as slow down (F1), speed up (F2), rewind 2 seconds (F3) and forward 2 seconds (F4). Furthermore, when you’re done writing, you can easily copy-paste the data.


As far as transcription apps go, Transcribe is basic and will help only provide a little assistance. There aren’t any extra features that will predict words that you are writing and nothing to help you to type better or faster. Being able to slow down the speed of the audio or to move forward or backward by 2 seconds is helpful when you’re transcribing an audio file that needs to be heard over and over. Since the web service is overall rather basic, it could do well to support some more audio formats or even a few video ones.

This is a useful web app, especially for people who need to use information contained in audio files to write something out. Install transcribe from the link given below and make transcription simpler.

Install Transcribe For Google Chrome

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