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Trap!t: A Personal Assistant For Your Favorite Web Content

Browsing different websites for your favorite articles, trends, news, sports, foods etc, can be really frustrating, and would usually require a lot of effort. This is where a brand new web app, Trap!t, comes in handy. It acts like a virtual personal assistant for web content, and searches the internet round the clock to bring you the most-relevant content, displaying them as Traps. Trap!t displays content streams based on user behavior and activity. Furthermore, it dynamically learns what kinds of topics you like. You will be able to find a range of categories in Featured Traps, ranging from Trending and News to Lifestyle, and many more. You can check out different traps and add them to your list. Another great feature of Trap!t is that it doesn’t just pick content from the most common and widely-used websites, but also searches a range of less popular ones.

You can either use your Facebook or Twitter account to log into Trap!t, and in case you don’t have an account on either service, you can simply sign up using your email and password. Once you’re logged on, you will see featured traps with different categories.


The website displays content in the form of large thumbnails. Each thumbnail has a Add To My Traps option, click which will trap that content in your list. Once you’ve added multiple traps, you will be able to access all your favorite content under Your Traps. When you hover your mouse over a trap, the text for that trap is displayed over the image and options for Like, Dislike, Share and Read Later become available. 


Also, a side bar for Activity Feed pops-up on the left side of the page. These feeds are based on your activity and display content related to your existing traps.


Trap!t gets to know you better over time, and brings you the latest news, blogs, posts and much more in accordance with your taste. It is still in beta, so we expect a plethora of improvements and new features in days to come . This app literally customizes the web for you, so hit the link below and control what you see/read.

Visit Trap!t

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