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Tube Player: Watch YouTube Videos Based On Social Network Popularity [Web]

If you like listening to YouTube videos shared on popular social networking websites, or if you’re just simply bored of the same old style and interface of YouTube, then Tube Player, a new web application, finds the most popular videos from social networks and lets you listen to social playlists with the best videos. All you have to do is type an artist’s name, and Tube Player will build a playlist for you based on social popularity. Videos are instantly retrieved and displayed in a compact player with multiple options displayed at the bottom of the player, such as Previous Video, Next Video, Reload Video, Like, Dislike and more. Additionally, you can shuffle and create a mix of music by different artists. 

You can search and listen to music without logging in to the service, but if you want to access all the features, then you can quickly register in a few easy steps.

tube player

Simply type an artist’s name in the search field and hit Enter, and the player will instantly load a video and display a playlist for your search at the bottom of the video. The app retrieves a variety of songs based on social popularity. Moreover, you can add multiple artists/playlists to Tube Player and click the Shuffle button to create a mixed playlist from all your added artists. The video controls allow you to go to the next/previous song, like/dislike a video, turn off auto skip and more. Once you’ve added all your desired playlists, you will no longer need to open YouTube or multiple tabs to play your favorite tracks.


Overall, Tube Player is a slick tool that lets you watch videos from popular social networking websites in a unique way, and gives you extra controls/functionalities as compared to YouTube. Frequent users of YouTube might find themselves using this app pretty regularly.

Visit TubePlayer

Update: The website seems to have been discontinued.

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