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Tuneticker – Social Music Bookmarking

Social networking and bookmarking are the buzz these days. Be it Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or dedicated bookmarking services like Delicious, the aim is the same; social collaboration and interactivity; sharing between friends and family. So how about a dedicated niche service focused on music bookmarking?

Tuneticker is a service that is doing just that. Basically it allows bookmarking (called ‘ticking’ in Tuneticker world) of the tracks that you like, and your friends using the service who have ‘tuneticked’ you can keep track of your music activity, and you of theirs.

To use Tuneticker, you need to use the Adobe Air-based desktop application. It is simple and easy, and gets installed really fast.

When you run the application for the first time, it will ask you to either login or create a free account.

Tune Ticker

Logging in for the first time, you get an option to modify your profile, or you can choose to simply skip that and get directly to using the service. Once in, you get the main interface.


The interface is divided into six main tabs. Main shows recent tuneticks, globally. Friends lists the people you’ve tuneticked and the music tracks that they have in turn ticked. Considering that the service is new and many of your friends may not be using it yet, three members of the Tuneticker staff are by default present in your friends list. You can choose to keep them along with any friends that you add, or you can eliminate them.

Tune Ticker Friends

The Ticks tab lists those songs that you have ticked. Comments show the relevant comment thread about a song, should you choose to view those. Alerts show the comments any of your friends have made on any tick made by you, and Tools offers settings.

As you may notice in the interface above, every song has three letters associated with it: T, Y and D. T stands for tick, allowing you to tick that song. Y looks up the song on YouTube, and D offers song download. For this purpose, you can choose between either Amazon or iTunes.

The Tools tab offers settings under General, Song privacy and Artist privacy categories. Explore the options to discover what suits you best.

TuneTicker Tools

Tuneticker is a nice addition to the social bookmarking battlefield, and promises good potential for growth. The desktop application and account creation are free, and the application requires Adobe Air to work with. It worked great on Windows 7.

Download Tuneticker

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  • dfoxinator

    I want to personally thank you for this awesome write-up. You really touched on all of our features and this is REALLY cool. We only released March 9th so finding stuff like this already is such a thrill.

    Just want to quickly say that we are sending down a very, very exciting update on Wednesday. This update will feature our new import engine that is able to import 21,000 songs in 6 seconds, and can import 3,200 songs in less than 1 second. This update will also include multiple interface improvements. Just wanted to let everyone know about this update as it addresses a number of things we've heard from user feedback.

    Thank you again for this great piece, and I'll be linking to it from the Tuneticker press section later!

  • musicvita

    Dude, I think that this service is unbelievably unique!

    People are tapping into musical niche's all over the world. For all the social bookmarks one can make, who would have thought that a music one hadn't been created yet! Absolutely amazing. Lets hope record labels don't do any royalty rubbish like they usually do!


  • wow!! impressive.. I love it..
    i hope someday it will be used by the people around the world

  • Cyril

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