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Turn Idle Firefox Into A Free Screen Saver And Photo Viewer

Do you use Firefox a lot and leave the browser open when you leave your desk for a while? You may want to enable screen saver or you may want to convert the idle Firefox browser into a photo viewer? FoxSaver is an add-on for Firefox that does exactly this, you will be surprised to learn how good is the overall usability.

Once you have installed this add-on, you will see a FoxSaver logo in the status bar(see screenshot below).

foxsaver icon

You can choose which pictures you want to display, as default FoxSaver selects the best non-offensive pictures from the internet(new pictures everyday). But if you want to display some family photos, you can do so by right-clicking the FoxSaver icon in the status bar and selecting Options. Here you can add up to 3 directories, windows on the other hand only allow you to display the photos from a single directory. You can also choose the photos from Media RSS URLs or some web page, which makes it all far more exciting.

foxsaver preferences

Go to Other tab and you will find various more options such as you can choosing each picture to display after the exact seconds you want or setting FoxSaver to start after Firefox remains idle for specific number of minutes. If you don’t want FoxSaver to start on certain websites, you can add them in the filter and other similar options. The most annoying thing you will find when FoxSaver starts is the big logo on top-left side. Thankfully you can remove it by simply un-checking the Enable FoxSaver Logo.

foxsaver options

It is also suitable for those who are using dual monitors, you can move your FireFox to another screen and enjoy the view while working. Overall it is a great add-on that has won over my heart, and you will agree that it is better than windows default screensaver. Enjoy!

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