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Tweak Firefox about:config With Configuration Mania

Type about:config in Firefox’s address bar, hit Enter, and tell me what you see. If you don’t understand what the heck all the options are for then you are one of those people who need Configuration Mania add-on for Firefox.

You can tweak almost every aspect of Firefox from about:config, but this can be done by advanced users only. So how will the basic novice users tweak Firefox? The answer is Configuration Mania add-on.

Once installed, navigate to Tools > Configuration Mania and you will see all browser settings neatly laid out. You can change every type of settings from here, the developers have however not included the settings that users should not touch. But having said that, there are lots of options that you might want to actually access.

Configuration Mania

Below you will find screenshots of Security and User Interface settings. Options to tweak Javascript, Popup Windows, Antivirus, SSL, Network, Privacy, Mouse Wheel, Multi-Touch, Find In Page, Key Navigation and others are neatly laid down as sub-tabs.

Configuration Mania security

firefox user interface settings

This is a must have add-on for novice and semi-advanced users alike. Even though I am experienced with about:config, using this add-on will actually make it much easier and faster. Don’t you agree?

Configuration Mania Add-on For Firefox

It works on all versions of Firefox from 3.0 to 3.6, including the latest up-to-date release. Enjoy!

via Lifehacker

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