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Tweak Flash Components In Chrome With FlashPlus

Does it happen often that while viewing a video or playing a game online, there is no option to make it fullscreen? The video or game is too small to be viewed properly? Or you need to darken the background to watch/play it properly? Not all sites are like YouTube, this is where FlashPlus comes to rescue.

It is a nifty little extension for Chrome that can disable, resize, download, or make any flash component full screen. Once Flash is detected, a small icon on the right of address bar becomes visible. Click it and you will see a bunch of options to choose from.

flashplus chrome

To see the complete demonstration, watch the video below.

If YouTube is the only site you visit for watching videos, then this extension is not for you. We would recommend it only for those users who visit a wide variety of sites that do not include an option to watch in fullscreen mode.

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