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Tweet Button For Chrome Allows You To Quickly Tweet Webpages

While we browse the web, we often come across interesting stuff that we want share with our followers on Twitter. While most websites come with social sharing buttons that allow you to put content up on Twitter, Facebook and the like, not all pages would sport such a feature. In order to share content on such websites, we have to log in, copy the link and then share it on Twitter manually. Not only is this process time consuming, but it can also be quite tiring. Tweet Button For Chrome provides users with a fast and simple way to tweet a webpage they are currently on. Once this Chrome extension has been installed, a tweet  button is added in the toolbar, which displays the official tweet count for a webpage. The extension also shortens the URLs automatically, and allows you to tweet a page by using the right-click context menu. Once installed, simply click the button, and a pop-up will be displayed with the webpage’s URL and title. Shareaholic supports this extension, and allows you to view the dashboard with a record of all your tweets.

The tweet button displays the tweet count for each page and when clicked, a tweet box pops up with the name and link of the webpage. Hit the Tweet this! button to instantly share it on the microblogging platform. Click the Dashboard located at the top of the tweet box to access a list of all the shared links.


The Dashboard shows you the entire list of links that you have tweeted. Shareaholic supports the extension and displays the list of the links, along with the search and delete options. Also, note that the page is private, and can only be viewed by you.


Tweet Button For Chrome is a handy extension that provides great functionality for Twitter users. You can find it at the Chrome Web Store link below.

Install Tweet Button For Chrome

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