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Tweet & Translate Google+ Posts And Search Them From The Omni Bar

Everyone may be losing their heads trying to cross over to Google+ from Facebook but Twitter hasn’t been getting much attention in connection to it. It’s probably because it isn’t a Twitter contender but people will want to tweet their Google Plus posts all the same and Helper For Google+ is a Chrome extension that lets you do that right from the Google+ interface as well as translating posts to any language. The extension also lets you search Google+ directly from the Omni bar by typing ‘Plus’ (sans the quote marks) followed by your query.


The Tweet and Translate options are added next to the Comment and Share options under each post. The extension automatically adds the #googleplus hash tag to each post that you tweet. It also makes all hash tags in all Google+  posts searchable. Simply clicking on a tag will search for all posts on Google+ with that hash tag. You can turn the tweet, hash tag and translation feature off and select the default language for translation from the extension’s options.

Helper for Google  Options

To search Google+ from the Omni bar, type ‘Plus’ (type without quote marks), hit the tab key and enter what you want to search for. You can search for both posts and profiles.

google  Omni bar search

The extension also provides you desktop alerts for new Google+ notifications so even if you have your browser window minimized or you aren’t on any one of Google’s service sites where the bar always tells you the number of new notifications, this extension will keep you posted whenever someone adds an update.

google  desktop notification

You can set up sound alerts and how long the alert should be displayed on your desktop from the extension’s options.

Install Helper for Google+ For Chrome

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