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Two Browsers In One – Run IE Inside Chrome

Have you ever required both IE and Chrome browsers at the same time? It can happen. Once you use Chrome, you never really look back at Internet Explorer but you still have lots and lots of people who use the veteran  browser (IE)and if you’re a web developer or designer, you might find yourself returning to IE to make sure everything looks and functions just as well there as it does in Chrome. To make things easier to test and to minimize switching between windows, try the Chrome IE extension for Chrome.

The extension installs as a button next to the OmniBar and lets you toggle between Chrome and IE mode. To search or open pages in IE from the OmniBar, type IE and enter keywords or the URL. If you enter keywords, search results will be done in Bing (the default search engine in IE). If you have a webpage open, click on the toggle button and it will be reload the page in IE mode.

Chrome IE

The extension also lets you sign in to different Google accounts in each browser; you can be signed in to Google in Chrome mode but signed out in IE mode. The slight flaw with the extension is that toggling between browser modes renders the backspace button pretty much useless. Other than that, it’s an easy way of using two browsers from one Chrome window.

Install Chrome IE For Chrome

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