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Type Without Selecting Address Bar In Firefox With Simplify Awesome Bar

The Simplify Awesome Bar is an extension that makes it easier to access the awesome bar (address bar) in Firefox without selecting it. If no input fields are selected on any given page, anything that the user types will go directly into the address bar.

Simplify awesome bar

The extension’s function is simple but extremely useful for users who often forget to select the address bar in Firefox before they start typing text. In addition to entering text in the address, it will also enter any text that you’ve selected on a webpage in the address bar when you hit the space bar. You can enter text manually and select text from the page at the same time as well. Let’s say you’re reading a page about France and want to look it up on Google Maps. Select France from the webpage and start typing Google Maps; ‘Google Maps France’ will appear in the address bar.

Simplify Awesome Bar also searches the tabs you have open in a window to see if you’ve already got a page open. You can select the already open tab from the drop down or hit enter to search online. The small glitch with this add-on is that it doesn’t open the search in a new tab, anything that goes in the address bar will be searched in the tab you’re working in meaning it navigates away from your current page.

The feature works everywhere except in Google. If you’ve got the Google search page open, any and all text you type (regardless of the search field being active or not) will go in Google’s search box. The developer has highlighted that if Firefox’s built in ‘Search as I type’ feature is enabled, the extension will not work. Users should uncheck the option and use the keyboard shortcut ‘/’ instead.

Download Simply Awesome Bar Extension for Firefox

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