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Ultimate New Tab: Access Bookmarks, History, Apps, Tabs & More [Chrome]

Ultimate New Tab is an extension for Chrome that customizes the new tab page and adds multiple themes, tab organization, bookmarks, history and a speed dial to it. All these can be accessed from within the same tab, allowing fast navigation. Ultimate New Tab lets you search the web extensively without having to separately open your bookmarks, apps and history. The extension comes with smooth gestures, and you can easily use the keyboard or mouse to navigate to your bookmarked or recently visited websites.

With the extension installed, when you open the new tab page, you will be able to access Apps, Tabs, Bookmarks, History and Speeddial, all from the same page. You can right-click on a link, tab or bookmark to view the different options in the right-click context menu. You will also find an Options button at the top right of the page. The layout can either be set as a grid or list for each category, whence you select an option based on your preference.


You will also be able to apply various themes to the new tab page, and even add your own, by uploading an image from the local system. The Speed dial displays the thumbnails of all your open tabs and lets you open websites quickly.

speed dial

The Options allow you to import custom theme, switch between existing ones and load a custom background.


The extension adds some good and some bad features to the new tab page. Speed Dial, for some reason displays bookmarked links instead of frequently visited websites. It has room for more than just eight websites but that is useless since it is actually showing your frequently visited websites. When you want to view more history or more bookmarks than it shows by default, you are taken to the Bookmarks manager or to the History page and there isn’t any way of returning to the new tab page. As far as Bookmarks are concerned, the extension should show more of them and possibly in a much neater layout. Loading themes is an excellent feature though it might not be appreciated as much since  the extension doesn’t do the Speed dial justice.

Ultimate New Tab is a simple yet handy utility that gives you quick access to your bookmarks, history, tabs and more, all from one location. It saves time and lets you browse the web in a neat way. Visit the link below to grab the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Install Ultimate New Tab For Google Chrome


  1. What sucks is that nobody tells you how to add a widget/app to the new tab page so that with one click you can go to a website. Awesome new tab page does that but forces you in to the disgusting new win8 box like tabs.widgets, seriously why are they forcing this win8 garbage on us, it looks like vomit and has no imagination/creativity, just siff and green. I think Microsoft made a poo and now we must live with it. And so they take the awesome customization features away from us. Bastards.

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